For those of you that are too busy to do one on one private lessons with your dog, or you want a very well-trained dog without all the hard work on your part. Our Board and Train programs are a great option for those…..

  • Dog owners with busy lifestyles, but want a well-mannered dog.

  • Want to get a head start on creating a happy relationship with their dog.

  • Those going out of town for work, on vacation, or just have a couple days that you have free.

We take your dog into our home environment and do the work for you, and in return, you have a well-trained, happy dog that we know you can be proud of. We will bring them home to you and teach you how to work and continue the same partnership that we created here at MVP.

Space is limited and Fills up quickly, as we only take 1-2 training dogs at a time to be able to give the correct amount of attention to each dog.

Call 801-815-7549 or email to reserve your spot now.

4 Day “Little Leaguer” package $575
Quick results to get you started on a happy, well-balanced relationship with your dog!

  • Your dog stays with us for 4 days to restart a relationship.

  • Your dog learns excellent leash manners. No pulling or lunging at people or dogs!

  • We work on crate training, treadmill training, schedule feeding, Eliminate jumping, barking, digging, counter surfing and much more.

  • You’ll recieve hand outs/packets to take home to continue with review for your dogs training.

  • Plus, 1 follow-up session for hands on work after your dog is home.

  • Customized for you and your family!

4 Day “Fast Pitch” Package $775
For those who want a jump start on remote collar training and for your dog to be off leash reliable around many distractions.

  • Your dogs stays with us for 4 days, with the main focus on starting remote collar training properly, and then we continue to work with you and your dog to work completely off leash reliability in many situations.

  • This package includes a brand new e-collar(valued at $250) and will show you everything you need to know about it, and how to work your dog comfortably on it.

  • Along with this package, you’ll receive 3 added lessons to work around higher levels of distraction (parks, hiking areas, or wherever your having troubles)

2 Week “JR. MVP” package $1,200
For dogs with no major aggression, major anxiety or major housebreaking problems.

  • Your dog learns excellent leash manners even with high distractions

  • Working on Leash manners, not bolting out doors, crate training, obedience commands of Sit, Heel, Stay, Down, Place.

  • Your dog will “listen” to you!

  • No jumping, barking, digging, counter surfing.

  • Customized for your family!

  • 2 Private Lessons to work and transition your dog into your home environment.

  • A packet of information to help with questions about your dog’s training while staying with us.

  • Continual Phone/Text/Email support for free!

“MVP” Package $2,200
This is truly the ultimate package deal for your Most Valuable Pooch!

During this 3-4 week program, your dog will learn how to walk nicely on leash around many levels of distraction, learn to stay in place and wait to be released, come when called off leash. This package is great for all dogs and families that want that DREAM dog!!

  • On & Off Leash basic obedience commands around Med/high distractions (things you would encounter while on a walk around the neighborhood: dogs barking behind a fence, kids playing around at the park are just a few examples….)

  • Sit, Heel, Stay, Come and Down commands

  • “Place” command

  • Solves Aggression (please call to talk about aggression, more weeks may be needed for certain types of aggression).

  • Jumping up on guests, barking, counter surfing, door dashing.

  • Continue or create a house breaking system

  • Helps with most separation anxiety

  • 2 private lessons are included in this package to teach YOU (the owner) how to keep up with the training when your dog is back at home.

  • Your own Electronic training collar ($250 value): Dont worry, we will work with you to be 100% comfortable with using the e-collar on your dog.

  • A packet of information to help make the transition back home easier.

  • Continual Phone/text/email support for free

Dogs must be 6 months and older
to start any of our E-collar Training Programs.

After any of our IKT training programs, the owner will need to continue with the exercises provided by the trainer to keep the dog sharp on the commands.

Call 801-815-7549 for information about our Young Puppy Programs.