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Jake (Red Irish Setter)

“Alicia helped us with Jake our young and rambunctious Irish Setter. He has been a handful, strong willed and stubborn with the attention span of a Nat. Jake is a beautiful dog with all the love and energy of his breed. My wife is handicapped and could not handle his enthusiasm. Alicia thought she could help and BOY did she come through for us!! Jake has now been home for a couple weeks and the difference is amazing he is not perfect, he is still young, but we can live with him now. I can take him for off leash runs and ball fetching which is good for him and good for me. He keeps surprising me with his ability to entertain but we can enjoy his unique personality and still expect his obedience for his safety and the family’s. I really appreciate the time and dedication that Alicea brought to the table. Thanks so much for helping Jake fit into our home because I love the Goof and wanted him to be able to live with us.”

Sara Timken & Family

Penny (Heeler/Terrier Mix)

“I called Alicia for help dealing with our dog’s awful on-leash manners as well as her fixation on chasing and trapping our cat. We adopted Penny when she was almost a year old, and some bad behaviors had been escalating. We had sought out other trainers, but the constant emphasis on treats was wearing us down! I was sick and tired of having my pockets full of ham, plus, there were times that Penny would just ignore the treats and continue barking and lunging at other dogs (guess she was full). Alicia told us she doesn’t rely on treats, so that was our man reason for contacting her. I can’t say enough about Alicia and her amazing methods…by the second week, our walks with Penny had been completely transformed, and we are seeing real progress with her and the cat, too. I have already referred friends to Alicia based on our experience. She is truly a master at what she does!”

Koa (Golden Retriever)

“Alicia was the answer to our prayers! Our home and lives have been transformed by Alicia’s training techniques! We have a sweet, very energetic, two year old male Golden Retriever named Koa. Koa had been through five, eight week, “treat-based” training classes; which only seemed to work when there was a reward for him! We could not always trust the training, and had to avoid putting ourselves in certain situations that we knew Koa could not handle. At the park, he would bolt toward children in his excitement to greet them-dragging us behind him on the leash. It was difficult to contain all that puppy energy-he was too strong-and also strong willed. Now, after e-collar training, people meet him and say he is a “perfect gentleman”! Our neighbors can’t believe that I am no longer being dragged down the street by this powerful, playful pup! I can now walk Koa, by myself, without my husband’s back-up assistance! It is truely a pleasure to take Koa walking now-he loves it as much as I do! I rarely have to use the remote-Koa knows the new rules and happily complies! Even when the e-collar is off, Koa listens to commands! The “place” command has been the best new tool Alicia has taught us! Koa has come such a long way in such a short time! We only wish we had known about MVP sooner! Both my husband and I feel that Alicia has developed excellent skills as a trainer-and she can transfer the knowledge to the family, so that even after she leaves, the techniques work! Alicia is very pleasant to work with, honored all of her committments with us, and provided her expertise to change our little family forever! We can honestly say that Alicia’s training style is effective, gentle, fun-and best of all-it works!!! Thank you-Alicia!”

Nukka (Alaskan Malamute)

“Alicia, thank you, you are the dog whisperer of Salt Lake City!! Our dog, Nukka, is a 3 year old female malamute and is the light of our lives, but before meeting with Alicia she was having difficulty with dog aggression, listening, and on-leash control. She is like a whole different dog now (in all the great ways, while keeping her delightful spirit). We met with Alicia for 5 private lessons catered to our needs and wants, and we started going to doggie socials on Saturdays in Draper. She is now able to listen and follow directions at home and in public. She has hiked with us numerous times on and off leash and has not had any problems with other dogs and comes when called. She is able to participate off leash at doggie socials, problem-free the whole time. We are so thankful for the changes that have been made. We didn’t know what to do and Alicia has helped us in so many ways. Alicia is patient and completely respects our desire to maintain some freedoms for Nukka while helping us understand her place and position in our home. Nukka is happier now with the leadership she’s been shown and is such a “better” dog because of the help Alicia has provided for us!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Harley (Labradoodle)

Alicia’s training has made all the difference in our family’s experience with our dog, Harley. In just 3 sessions, we had a well-behaved, obedient dog! We live on a busy corner, just west of a park. We have lots of dogs and people walking by all the time. Harley does not go one paw out of our yard. When we have people come to the door, we tell her “place” and she goes to her place and does not come out until released. We just had family pictures taken and Harley was in them. The photographer commented that she was the best behaved dog he has ever photographed! She is sweet and everyone loves to be around her! I can call Alicia anytime with questions and concerns. She makes herself available and I am calm knowing I can turn to her. She has tons of contacts with other services if you need them. She has a true love and a great knowledge of all dogs and she has been invaluable to us!”
“Alicia is wonderful with both dogs and owners! She is flexible and is able to work with her clients to fulfill their needs. In three sessions, she was able to train my cat chasing, distractable dog into one comfortable off leash in many settings. She literally changed our lives!”

Suhki (Lab/ Vizsla Mix)

Alicia is wonderful with both dogs and owners! She is flexible and is able to work with her clients to fulfill their needs. In three sessions, she was able to train my cat chasing, distractible dog into one comfortable off leash in many settings. She literally changed our lives!

Lincoln (Shepherd/Husky Mix)

“MVP Dog Training is awesome! Our dog, Lincoln, is such a sweetheart but had some issues with recall and aggression while out on walks. We worked with Alicia through 6 sessions and Lincoln is like a new dog. He is perfect!! Lincoln is 4 years old and I never in a million years thought we would be able to tame him on walks, let alone get him to actually come to us when called. My mouth hit the ground when we took the leash off at the park and he stayed right next to me! We no longer stress about taking him out in the neighborhood or to the dog parks. Alicia was always positive with Lincoln and in her training. She gave us the confidence we needed to take charge and become better dog owners. I will be recommending MVP Dog Training to everyone I know!”

Snickers (Yorkshire Terrier)

“We had a very typical happy puppy on our hands. She was good but for the first 5 minutes someone new came over then she was a neurotic mess, wanting to lick and jump up. She would become extremely excited and despite her small size, some of the kids in the neighborhood were hesitant. We heard wonderful things about MVP and Alicia and decided to get her enrolled in private puppy training at our home. BEST RECOMMENDATION EVER! Not only does Snickers remain calm, she even stays in her bed rather than run to the door when people come over. She has come so far and we are so happy that we called Alicia. She was so good with Snickers and she loved her for it. She is now a happy, confident, well mannered puppy. Alicia was always quick to get back to me with questions and always was so happy and upbeat. She made me feel I could do it. She helped me to learn how to discipline, how to correct and when to praise and that has made all the difference. I can’t thank Alicia enough. She is amazing!”

Baxter (One “fierce” Yorkshire Terrier)

“We adopted Baxter about 9 months ago. He is adorable but he knows it! He had two previous owners before we got him. He had some anxiety issues because of his past. He had never been trained to do the basic commands and had occasional bladder leaks when nervous or excited. We lived in a home with barricades throughout the house. We were referred to Alicia with high recommendations. She came to our home and helped us to understand why Baxter was acting the way he was and then showed us what to do to train him. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Baxter responding on the first session! He loved Alicia. (And so did we!) She is professional, experienced, kind and fun to work with. She was prompt and available to respond to questions outside of the training session. She also taught us how to respond correctly to Baxter’s actions. As a result of Alicia’s help, we now have a confident, happy and responsive dog and we also have a barrier-free home. We HIGHLY recommend MVP Dog Training for your furry friend.”

WInston (Boston Terrier)

“I adopted my dog at age 4 and he didn’t have any serious behavioral problems, but taking him to group classes really rounded out Winston’s ability to understand and heed commands. What impressed me most about the classes was how simple and effective the training methods were. Many of them left me wondering why I had never thought of them myself. Which is exactly why I think any dog (and owner) could benefit from basic training. Plus Alicia is very personable and skilled at what she does.”

Marleigh (Black Lab)

“This is the best gift we could have ever given to our dog and us. I take him out in a complex with many distractions and he is well behaved. He has the freedom to play ball run in the fields with all the kids riding bikes and I have no worries about him. He is my first dog I have done this off leash training with and while I still put his e collar on when we go out I do not need to use it much at all. This is the best gift anyone could give their dog, and Alicia is the best trainer and I highly recommend her. The key is you still have to work their commands daily to continue the awesome behavior. Thanks again Alicia and MVP Dog Training!”

Tess (Rhodesian Ridge-back Mix)
Piper (GoldenDoodle)

“We cannot say enough good things about Alicia and MVP Dog Training. Our vet suggested we contact Alicia to address a variety of behavior problems: barking, not listening, and minor aggression. Alicia gave us the necessary tools and confidence to address all of our issues in her 3-lesson package. Now people marvel at how well behaved our beloved pooches are!! The dogs are happier, we are happier and overall this is the best investment we ever made! Thank you SO much Alicia! Tess and Piper send many kisses!!!”

Olive & Ralph (Springer Spaniel Mixes)

“We recently moved and the whole process caused our dogs a lot of stress. They started engaging in bad behaviors: our female started barking at all people, even family members in our new house, our male was showing some nervousness/fear around other dogs and overall they were both pulling/barking on leash. After one home visit, it was like we had new dogs. Alicia helped train us on how to work with our dogs. the on-leash pulling/barking stopped almost immediately. Our female is friendlier inside our home and is barking at least 75% less. Our male, is much less nervous around other dogs, and can meet them without barking frantically. We can walk our dogs without having to walk around people and other dogs. They jog with us side by side now. This is only after the second home visit. I am very grateful to Alicia for helping us. We plan on continuing lessons. She is great with dogs and people. She is very affordable and knowledgeable. I would recommend Alicia to anyone who has a dog or owner who needs help.”

Tazzi-Taffy (Aussie/ Pyrenees Mix)

“We have been very pleased with the results of our private training with Alicia. It was amazing to see the skill and understanding applied to the training. Taffy responded in a very short time, and learned to sit, stay, and walk-off leash. The dog socialization training is also very effective. It is wonderful to have Alicia training our dog – even better the positive change in behavior so quickly. Thanks a million……MVP Dog Training is the absolute BEST service available for training, boarding, and off-leash obedience. TAFFY just loves Alicia and can’t wait for her ‘fun day with MVP’ to come each week. Alicia is super-intuitive, knows exactly what is needed for your dog, and you will see immediate results after just one session. Alicia makes things simple, effective, and comprehensive! We love MVP, Alicia, and Tucker”